Ngueweul Rythme /NNR

African Savane


Ngueweul Rythme (NNR) is a association of musicians from Senegal , lead vocal and founder  «Ndigueul Mc».

If the primary purpose of a leader is to provide improvement of the social conditions of his musicians, the culture and musical art, its value and its progress, than that is well covered by Ndigueul Mc trough various events, usually of large magnitude. 

His actions are of the highest order to make original work. He created his own «African Savane» music; with only traditional instruments like the Tama and Kora, Bougarabou, Sowrouba, Djembe, Sabar, Tabala, Khoin, mixing a cocktail of sounds quite peculiar to Africa. Traditional with a touch of modernity, primarily based on the rhythm that invite to party, dance love and peace. But also melodious with liricks that support Africa's development.

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Artistic and Cultural Association: 


"Association Artistique et Culturelle Ngueweul Rytme" from Senegal.